Bossymamma 1, Bossy Brother 0

I think there are going to be times when Nick and I become just a teensy bit competitive when it comes to being bossy! I don’t think it will be a problem but I do think there could be some fun!

When I first arrived in Sydney, Nick asked if there was anywhere I would particularly like to visit. I replied that I would like to go to Parramatta. I could tell that he and Krissy were somewhat surprised at this and they tried to dissuade me – but it didn’t work! (I’m not very good at being dissuaded!) So, yesterday, when our trip to Taronga Zoo didn’t go ahead, Nick dragged up the idea of going to Parramatta on the ferry and off we went.

The ferry journey was very pleasant. It is so much more enjoyable waching the scenery float by from a boat than when you are stuck in the thick of the traffic on Parramatta Road. Don’t you agree?

When we arrived in Parramatta, we walked along the riverbank on our way to the tourist information centre. There are scenes painted on the walkway depicting some of the struggles between the Aboriginals and the invading white men, together with several boards explaining the piece. I was so engrossed in the story that I didn’t think to take any photographs. Oops!

When we arrived at the information office where we enquired about the historic buildings in the town. The staff there were enthusiastic and helpful, suggesting we begin our visit by looking at the display housed in their building. That exhibit gave us a good background to build on. From there we returned to the riverbank to walk to the Governor’s House. It was a beautifully sunny day and the temperature was comfortable. The riverbank area is well kept and attractive, if a little too neat.

On arrival at the Governor’s house we went first to have a drink. As we sat on the veranda chatting, I saw a bird with a brilliant orange-red chest and green back and just had to photograph it.

After our refreshments we walked across to the house (the restaurant is in what was the old garrison) and into the main desk/shop. We were asked if we wanted to go on a tour of the house, which we did. Our guide was Graham and he told us the tour would last about an hour. There were just the two of us but we asked so many questions that our tour lasted more like an hour and three quarters! It was fascinating to look around the building and see the sympathetic way in which it had been restored. Neither of us had seen cones of sugar – it was very tempting to have a taste!
After the tour we returned to the shop and I bought a reversible Thai silk tote bag in a beautiful shade of purple. The photograph below is of the person who made the bag (sorry, I didn’t catch your name!).
Time was getting on when we left the Governor’s House so we decided not to visit the other historic buildings in the city. Instead we headed for the railway station. En route we saw a few stalls which were part of the Winterlight Festival but there was no time to stop and look so here is a picture instead of an explanation.

So, Bossymamma was right about visiting Parramatta and Bossy Brother was wrong! Oh, yes!


2 thoughts on “Bossymamma 1, Bossy Brother 0

  1. Really interesting to read about your experiences. Any chance of a picture of you with your brother? Would be lively to see you two together.


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