A Very Warm Feeling

Monday morning at 9.00 and my chauffeur arrived at the hotel – it was my cousin, Armand. Yesterday he had said he would accompany Aunt Ida, Uncle Mimi and me today and he was collecting me. 

First stop was breakfast at Bar Coluzzi in Darlinghurst which Armand told me is the oldest coffee shop in Sydney. From there he took me on a sightseeing tour of Sydney which began with a structure similar to Cleopatra’s Needle in London but which is actually a sewerage vent or outlet, or some such. Soon after that delight we saw an attractive water feature, as shown in this photograph.

The tour continued with St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral (which has an aquatic fitness centre underground in front of it), St. Vincent’s Hospice together with the old and new St. Vincent’s Hospitals, a support centre for young people, the suburb of Woolahra, Belle Vue Hill amongst others. Then we picked up Aunt Ida and Uncle Mimi. They had decided that we would have lunch at the RSL Club in Bankstown (similar to the British Legion in the UK). Lunch was a buffet comprising Japanese, Chinese and Italian cuisine, plus salads and barbecue followed by a selection of desserts, including a chocolate fountain and ice cream.

ANZAC Bridge

After lunch we drove to the city centre, crossing the ANZAC bridge. On top of the bridge there is an Australian flag on the side nearest New Zealand and a New Zealand flag on the other side. We were heading for Pyrmont, which is part of Darling Harbour, where we took a walk. We saw the memorial to the immigrants who had landed there when arriving in Australia. My three companions had all arrived at that point over 50 years ago.

Immigrant Memorial
We drove from Pyrmont towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Our vantage point under the southern end of the bridge gave us a wonderful view of the bridge itself and of Luna Park.
Luna Park on the far side of the river.      

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