More Cousins Than You Can Wave A Stick At

Well, what an incredible weekend! Suddenly Maria and I have more cousins that we could wave a stick at! (I wonder if that should say “throw a boomerang at”?)

There were two family lunches during the weekend and with different cousins at each, but, whenever any of them started to talk, it seemed as though they were talking about more cousins I hadn’t heard of. I suppose that with my father being one of seven siblings it is not surprising that there were lots of children! My goodness, though, it is very¬†difficult to keep track of who everybody is! Luckily, tomorrow I am going to see my cousin, Marie-Therese and her daughter, Laura, who has been researching the family tree. Perhaps then I shall be able to follow who people are talking about. I certainly hope so.

Yesterday’s lunch was at Ingrid and Richard’s home. Ingrid has very generously offered to host a family meal on Thursday of next week to give Maria an opportunity to meet some of our relations. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! I did check with Maria before I agreed to Ingrid’s suggestion and she said she is up for it. I wonder if Maria has any idea just what she has let herself in for?


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