A Day in the Country

My Uncle Mimi has a twinkle in his eye and a huge smile to go with it. There is much more to him than those two things but they give you an indication of the fun side of his character. He is also good at telling jokes but I don’t think I should share any of those on here! So you will understand when I say I was rather looking forward to the train ride to Campbelltown with him. The journey takes around an hour. He and I were on our way to visit my cousin, Marietherese, her mother Ovidia and her daughter Laura.

My new family are probably much as you would imagine an Italian family to be and I very much feel accepted as part of that family – and that is a pretty amazing feeling! I don’t feel swamped by them, nor do I feel as though I have been ‘stolen’ from my life before I knew of them, I simply feel that I am part of the family. I was going to say ‘as though I am part’ but that implies that I am not actually part and that is wrong. I am part. Before my visit I could never have imagined feeling like this. Boy, is it special! Who could have predicted this outcome from the conversation between Uncle Mimi and Nick on May 25?

Our trip to Marietherese was great. Everyone shared memories of my father and other family members and we talked about how challenging some of this has been for certain people but we all agreed it has been worth it.

Marietherese and her husband, Frank, live in the country and, at times during the journey from Sydney, some of the scenery looked quite english! It reminded me of home and of how short a time it is until I leave everyone here. I know that communication is so easy nowadays but it’s just not the same. Nick popped in to the hotel to have coffee with me yesterday morning – he won’t be able to do that when I’m back in the UK.

To finish on a lighter note (another unintended pun)…

When I arrived back at Town Hall station last evening there was an unexpected sight.

It wasn’t the most mellifluous sound I have ever heard, but it was a surprise that brought a smile to my face.


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