Things That Sydney is Famous For

It was another lovely start to the day on Thursday when Nick joined me for coffee on his way to work. It is definitely an advantage being in a hotel so near to his place of work. He parks in the fire station car park immediately behind the hotel and his office is just a few yards farther away. I think the only way I could be nearer would be to set up a camp bed under his desk!

Over coffee Nick told me that his friend Bob, with whom we went to the Lebanese restaurant last week, had said he would ring me some time to arrange lunch. As it happened, the phone rang shortly after I returned to my room. We arranged that he would pick me up at Strathfield railway station.

Bob took me on a tour of the Sydney Olympic Park, the location of the Olympic Games in 2000. Almost the first thing we saw was this lovely water feature.

I like the simple, but effective, design of the feature.

We continued around the Park which was surprisingly busy. There were school parties and also quite a few supporters of the Queensland Rugby League team. The State of Origin match took place last night in the Olympic Stadium. [Queensland v. New South Wales.] Outside the stadium is a forest of metal poles, some of which are decorated but most of which have lists of names on them. The names are those of the 74,000 volunteers, sponsors and others involved who supported the 2000 Olympic Games. I thought it was a nice touch honouring the volunteers in that way.

Some of the forest of metal poles outside the stadium

After the tour Bob took me to a Vietmanese restaurant in Strathfield so that I could sample their cuisine. I enjoyed the food but probably would not be particularly bothered if I didn’t have it again.

In the afternoon I returned to Sydney and decided to go to look at the Sydney Opera House as I had not seen it at close quarters. I think I shall let some of the pictures I took speak for themselves.

The Opera House seen from the walkway from Circular Quay
Circular Quay and the Sydney skyline taken from the Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge taken from the front of the Opera House


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