Sewing Stuff

Friday was a great day. At 09.30 Armand and his sister, Ingrid, arrived at the hotel to pick me up. We were going fabric shopping! It’s a hard job but someone has to do it!

We began our sojourn with a visit to Tessuti Fabrics – not a particularly exciting shop. We did not stay long although whilst we were there I bought some precut felt pieces to make brooches. The pieces were tremendous value as they were wool felt but cost only a few cents each.

Next stop was a store that sold mainly dressmaking fabrics. Ingrid was looking for fabrics for the 50s-style living room that she is currently putting together and, consequently, wasn’t in the market for dressmaking materials, regardless of how beautiful they were. I lack patience and find it frustrating to make clothes so, apart from looking at the beauty of the products on offer, I was unlikely to buy anything. Unsurprisingly, neither of us bought anything in that shop.

On to the next outlet and an entirely different experience. In this shop they print their own fabrics and use mainly linens. I had not realised there were so many differing linens! How ignorant was I? Ingrid bought a piece of a striking fabric in a design called Stuffed Olives which Richard will stretch onto a frame to hang in their kitchen/dining/living area. [Have I told you that they live in a beautiful house? Richard is an architect – and it shows!] In ‘Cloth’, the store selling the linens, I bought a bag of mainly pink scraps to play with. Yummy!

After’ Cloth’ Armand drove us to a button shop! Some real ‘beauts’ here but the prices tended to be considerably heftier than I would expect to pay in the U.K. I did buy a few – yes, a few! Seven, to be precise.]. One in particular was shaped like a piece from a jigsaw – I had to buy one of those!

It was at about this time that my need for ‘comfort’ became apparent but that need was not to be satisfied just yet as there was another store to visit. I was quite pleased by the time we came out of the next store. I don’t remember much of note in that store but, at least, we went for lunch immediately when we came out.

After a tasty lunch at an extremely busy Italian restaurant, we continued our exploration at the Remnant Warehouse. Ooh! What a haven for fabric-minded people! Friday is the day when FQs [Fat Quarters] are on offer – BOGOF. Well, it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it? Ingrid bought some fabric to make dresses for Dress A Girl Around The World, plus the notions needed to complete the dresses. I bought a couple of FQs. OK, a couple more than a couple, plus some cheap, brightly coloured elastic.

I think that Armand had had enough by this time so Ingrid took pity on him and drove him home and then continued to her house with me and our purchases.

Oh, no! On the way home the question wafted across to my side of the car from Ingrid’s side asking if I would like to have a look around a fabric shop near to where she lives. I couldn’t bring myself to be so rude as to refuse. Woohoo! Have you heard of ‘Spotlight’? No? Nor had I – but I have now! It’s like a cross between a well-known UK Mill shop which sells craft and household items, and the best-known craft superstore – but it’s heaps [note the Aussie word!] better.

Ingrid had told me earlier in the day that my Uncle Mimi wanted her to buy me a present from him. In Spotlight I chose a 24″x6.5″ quilting ruler and a magnetic pincushion. What a lovely and generous Uncle Mimi I have!

To hear how our day continued, tune in next time.


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