A Fellow Fanatic

Yesterday I posted about how Ingrid and I hit the fabric shops. What I didn’t talk about was what we did once we arrived back at her home. During the family lunch last Sunday Ingrid had heard me talking about making pillowcase dresses and had asked me to explain more about it. Those of you who have been following my blog or know me personally will know that I have been making pillowcase dresses for quite some time.

I cannot remember how I first heard about the dresses but I was soon hooked on making them. In my view it is a lovely idea to want to provide a pretty dress for a girl. I soon discovered that Louise Horler of Sew Scrumptious was coordinating the Dress A Girl scheme in the UK and began sending dresses to her.

Ingrid bought some fabric and notions yesterday specifically to have a go at making a pillowcase dress (as she didn’t have any actual pillowcases to spare). Initially the idea was that she would make the dress and I would carry it with me when I return to the UK. However, I have discovered that Dress A Girl Around The World has a presence in Australia so I won’t have to carry all that extra weight in my suitcase!

If you are interested in helping to Dress A Girl Around The World here are some useful links:

Dress A Girl in the United States 

Dress A Girl in the UK 

Dress A Girl in Australia 

Dress A Girl, Sydney 

Pillowcase dress pattern 

Instructions and sizes 


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