Just Another Saturday? I Don’t Think So!

Well, Saturday was pretty unusual - not the sort of day you have every week. In fact, not the sort of day you have every lifetime. It was the day I took my little brother to meet his eldest sister.
 I had done most of my packing on Friday morning, before going out with my cousins, Armand and Ingrid. Rest assured, I do not normally pack so far in advance but I had no idea what time I would arrive back at the hotel after our day out so decided it might be wise to do some preparation. The hotel were going to store my luggage, free of charge, whilst I was in Adelaide and I didn't want to abuse the offer by leaving various bags along with the case. I was pleased that I managed to pack everything in my case - even my real-life, well-and-truly-used, has-my-maiden-name-printed-on-it New South Wales Fire Inspector's helmet! 

Sorry, I went off at a bit of a tangent there! Back to Saturday...

I awoke early and was showered, dressed and breakfasted when Nick rang to say he was on his way. I took my case to Reception for storage and had a pleasant chat with Alex and the other receptionist. The staff on Reception at the Metro on Pitt have been lovely. They greet me like an old friend, calling or waving a greeting as I enter and leave. Well, I suppose I'm almost a permanent resident by now!
 When Nick arrived we went into the restaurant for a coffee, where, again, I was treated like an old friend. However, when they (sorry, there is no chance that I would be able to spell the names of the husband and wife who run it at weekends) saw my hand luggage their smiles fell away and they asked if I was leaving already. I explained that I would be back, together with my sister, on Tuesday. 

After our coffee we set off by train for the domestic terminal at the airport.what a rip off the train fare is!!! Apparently, if you travel to nearby stations on the airport line it costs something like $5, BUT, if you alight at the airport, the fare exceeds $15! However, apart from the train fare, the journey to Adelaide was uneventful and we soon arrived at the Lindy Lodge Motel. Nick had booked the rooms online, selecting it because of the proximity to Maria's home and the fairly reasonable price. In the event the price was anything but reasonable. The place was revolting. It looked dirty and distinctly seedy, especially the chap standing on our side of Reception who was chatting to the man behind the counter. To say my heart sank would be an understatement!. Oh, it was awful. It looked like a really seedy brothel. Everywhere looked the worse for wear - carpets were stained, there were stains in the shower, furniture was old, tatty and mismatched. It was a DUMP. The thought of staying there simply turned my stomach. And there was this new brother of mine telling me it wasn't too bad and that he had stayed in much worse places. He was definitely not my favourite brother when he was talking such garbage!

After what felt like several hours, but was only about fifteen minutes, we went to Maria's home so that the eldest and youngest of our brood could meet for the first time. I don't propose to describe the remainder of the day as it is theirs to tell, not mine.


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