The Things A Sister Suffers For Her Siblings

Sunday dawned and whilst Nick and I were having breakfast (not at the dump but a lovely cafe around the corner from Maria’s home) we were discussing what we would do for the day. I wanted him and Maria to have some time without me around. Maria had told us on Saturday about an event at the Adelaide Showground  and Nick suggested dropping me there. So, dear readers, I did what any self-sacrificing sister does and suffered the agonies of attending a stitch and craft show! Woohoo! Yippee!

The show itself was fairly small but as I only had three hours that didn’t matter. For a small show it had a surprising number of workshops, demonstrations and talks, many of which were free.

Soon after I began walking around I happened upon a workshop in progress. I saw a woman walk up and talk to the woman running it and then sit at one of the vacant places. I wondered if I would be able to take part in the workshop so went and spoke to the facilitator. I asked if there were any spare places and she said there were so then I asked if I could take part to which she replied that I could. The workshp was to make an origami  drawstring bag.

It is very different from the other origami bag/pouch that I have made several times but is fairly easy to do. After we had finished making our bags I showed a couple of the other women how to make the pouch.

I bought a few bits and pieces at the show including some hand-dyed threads. I managed to resist buying more fabric!

I had enough time to see what I wanted so did not feel at all short-changed. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed my crafty interlude.


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