Sisters Old and New

After the fun and games of the Dump and my visit to the sewing show, I was offered a bed for a couple of nights in the home of one of Maria’s friends from croquet, Iris. I had not met Iris previously but we got along pretty well.

On Monday, Maria and I had some ‘stuff’ to attend to which necessitated a trip into the centre of Adelaide. Unfortunately it was very cold and there were heavy showers which made the trip rather unpleasant. One of our errands was to open a new bank account. What a fiasco! It took us something like an hour and forty minutes to do so!

On Tuesday we did a few bits and pieces in the morning and, in the afternoon, flew to Sydney where we were picked up by our cousin, Armand. We stopped for dinner on the way to the hotel.

On Wednesday, Maria and I caught the train followed by the coach to reach Bathhurst where Min and her husband, Romolo, live. We were staying just one night and on Thursday morning Maria and I set off back to Sydney.

On Thursday evening, Maria and I were invited to dinner at Ingrid and Richard’s house. There were hordes of family members, many of whom were new to me and all of whom were new to Maria. We each enjoyed an evening of good company and good food.

Tomorrow Maria returns to Adelaide and I need to pack everything so that it can be transferred to Armand’s flat on Saturday. 

But for now, goodnight. My energy is fading fast and all I want to do is sleep.


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