Not Enough Prawns

Firstly, an apology. Sorry, Min. Sorry, Remus. In my last post I called Min’s husband Romolo, by mistake. We have at least two cousins called Romolo and I must have just typed that instead of his actual name, which is Remus. Grovelling apologies – sorry.

Just give me a moment to struggle up from my knees. Phew! All that grovelling plays havoc with your knees, you know!

Secondly, a quick update. Terry, who so kindly gave me the guided tour of Parramatta last week, was taken ill this week and hospitalised. I would just like to say that I am sorry he is unwell and wish him a full and speedy recovery. Best wishes also to his partner.

Today Maria, my eldest sister, was flying back to Adelaide so our uncle wanted to take us out to lunch. With Armand acting as chauffeur we went to the RSL (similar to the British Legion) Club in Auburn, which is one of the Sydney suburbs. There are lots of these clubs around. They offer a buffet, which the Aussies call a smorgasbord, which consists of a variety of food from different regions of the world. Our uncle was unhappy as there were ‘Not enough prawns’ on offer, but we three cousins were more than satisfied with what was on offer.

After lunch our uncle needed to go home so we dropped him off before continuing to the airport. Unfortunately he left his black cap in the car – and my naughty eldest sister cap-napped it and took it to Adelaide!

On our way back to the city Armand took me to see La Perouse. La Perouse is on Botany Bay and is where the French landed in Australia a few days after the first fleet of British convicts had landed. I had not known that the French landed in Australia at that time.

After I had taken a few photographs we turned back towards the city centre. Just a short distance along the road was a sign telling us that the road to our left led to a scenic viewpoint. Below are a couple of the views we saw along that road:

Armand asked me not to his mention his name in connection with the views. When I asked him to drive along the road to the viewpoint he said it wasn’t very scenic. He also said that the scenic viewpoint itself was not actually scenic.


2 thoughts on “Not Enough Prawns

  1. Well I see you put up the pictures from only one side of the scenic route. (the non Scenic Part). How are we to attract the tourist Dollar if your friends think that Aussies classify oil refineries and cemeteries as tourist attractions. Perhaps morbid Arabs are our target group.


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