A Visit to the Market

Saturday arrived. This was the day I was originally due to fly back to the UK but instead I was moving out of the hotel and into Armand’s apartment in Knightsbridge – yes, honestly!

We had decided last week that we would go to Paddington Market on this Saturday. It is a craft market which takes place every Saturday. If you are ever in Sydney it is definitely worth a trip to Paddington Market – there are some lovely items on sale. I was tempted by a hand-painted silk scarf in shades of pink flowing into shades of orange and also of blue. It sounds peculiar but was beautiful. There were some other things that I was tempted by but the only thing I bought was  birthday present for my Precious (my youngest grandchild).

We spent some time at a stall selling hand-knitted items for charity. I was chatting to one of the women on the stall and we were comparing notes. Later, when we were walking around another part of the market, Armand asked if I had noticed the knitted necklace that the other lady on the stall was wearing. I had not seen it so we returned to their stall in order that I could have a look. Whilst chatting to her she gave me one of the necklaces! It never ceases to thrill and amaze me when people show such kindness and generosity.

The picture shows the necklace Armand spoke to me about. The necklace that Daisy gave me was slightly different. If I remember when I return to the UK I will do a tutorial for making it.


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