Has Anyone Seen The Adrenaline?

It’s Monday and I’m feeling very lazy or lethargic. I am perfectly happy slouching around doing nothing except listening to music and playing with my iPad. After all the hustle and bustle of the last four weeks and the excitement before that, the adrenaline has run out. I can hardly believe I lasted this long! Although I woke in the night and was later awoken by a telephone call, I went back to sleep and didn’t come to until 09.20! What a slug-a-bed I am!

Armand has been playing a varied selection of music and singers this morning. One in particular, Antony and the Johnsons, has created quite an impression on me. The music is very unusual and certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste but I have been enjoying it.

Music can be very affecting and, for me, that was definitely the case when Armand played a song which my late husband, John, strongly identified with because of a family tragedy. The song brought a tear to my eye, as it usually does, but that’s OK. It reminds me of aspects of his character that probably weren’t particularly apparent to others but which were clear to me and were such an important part of who he was. I am glad to have had the peace and the time for that memory today.


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