Not So Much Dashing About

Yesterday we were very lazy. We watched quite a bit of television including episodes of an American drama series called In Treatment which looks into the world of psychotherapy. I had never heard of the programme and I don’t know if it is shown in the UK. I am really enjoying watching it. Armand has the three seasons on DVD so we have a dip into it now and then. Mind you, a couple of episodes at a time are enough as it is intense viewing.

This morning we were more lively than yesterday, which is probably just as well otherwise we would start vegetating! Keep that comment in mind!

We drove to Dulwich Hill to collect my Zia Ida (Aunt Ida) then drove, with her, to the RSL Club in Campsie. We were going to play bingo with her and her friends. They are a group of Italian women who migrated to Australia from Egypt, as did several of my father’s siblings and his mother. The company was delightful, the bingo less so. It didn’t help that my right wrist is still painful from when I fell last week so I had to use my left hand for much of the time.

After we had taken Zia Ida home we went to the shopping mall at East Gardens. I managed to buy a couple of summer tops which were necessary because of the warmer temperatures we are getting here in Sydney. Thank goodness it’s not as hot as it has been in the UK recently!

I was very tempted to buy myself a new self-healing cutting mat as it was only $7 but I resisted the temptation as I am worried about the weight of my luggage. I must remember where I saw it in case My luggage is lighter than I think nearer the time of my flight!


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