The Start of My Last Week in Oz

It’s Monday morning and the start of my last week here in Oz. 

I am ready to return home on Sunday, whereas I wasn’t ready at the time I was due to go. I think this extra fortnight has given everyone, including me, time to view me as being part of the family here, rather than just someone who is a relative who popped over from the UK to take a peek at everyone here. In particular, it has given time for Zio Mimi and Zia Ida to see me as just another of the gaggle of cousins!

It’s looking like a really busy time this week:

Monday – coffee with Romolo and Loredana in the morning
            – going out with Zio Mimi and Zia Ida in the afternoon
Tuesday – fabric shopping with Ingrid
Wednesday – Taronga Zoo with Armand
Thursday and Friday – visiting and staying with Marietherese and Zia Ovidia
Saturday – seeing Nick and family.

As well as all of that, I need to fit in time with Walter as I haven’t had time to talk to him when I’ve seen him.

Oh, and at some stage, I’ll have to think about packing!


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