Some Relations are Very Annoying

My Little Sis (that’s my friend, Janet, not Min) would have been very amused on Monday morning. I like to take my time in the mornings. When I was working, I enjoyed getting up early and spending up to an hour reading a book to ease myself into the day. The word ‘rush’ is not in my morning vocabulary. So, imagine my horror when the entryphone in the apartment rang at 09.20, heralding the arrival of my cousins, Romolo and Loredana. They weren’t supposed to arrive until 10.00! Why do people do that? Why do they try to make me feel guilty about not being ready? I wasn’t late! I was gently gliding along Preparation Highway in plenty of time for their expected appearance on the doorstep. Huh! And then the rotten pair had to go and turn up early. Not just early, but FORTY MINUTES early. That is definitely not playing fair. It’s the sort of trick that Little Sis would play – just for the joy of seeing me squirm. They were left in no doubt of my reaction to their timekeeping. I was Little Miss Miffed.

Actually, we had a good time. Instead of going out for coffee, Armand provided some and the four of us sat there chatting. It was really interesting for me, listening to Romolo and Loredana – giving me more to add to the amazing patchwork of family life that I have been piecing together. Romolo said that it saddened him that Maria and I had missed out on growing up with the extended family around us. I said that I didn’t want to dwell on that, I just really appreciate having the extended family now. It is too easy to live life regretting all sorts of things and forgetting to live the life that you have now – I don’t wish to make that particular mistake.

I know I keep saying it and I make no apology for repeating it again now, but I really do feel blessed to have been found by my brother Nick and introduced to and gathered in by my extended family on my father’s side.

Last night I sat in my Zia Ida’s home and watched her and Armand cooking dinner for me. I told them that if someone had told me just three months ago that I would be there having my dinner cooked by my father’s sister, I would have thought they were mad. But they wouldn’t have been, would they? They would have been absolutely, totally and completely right! Aren’t I lucky?


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