Oooh, Hunky Firemen…

I take lots of photographs. When I say ‘lots’ I mean huge numbers. I have already filled two SD cards on this trip! However, I made a terrible mistake this morning. I forgot to take my camera with me when I went to collect a free pass to visit Taronga Zoo. That probably doesn’t make sense to you… yet. To pick up the pass I had to venture into Castlereagh Street in the city centre. “So what?” you say. The pass was in the Control Room at the fire station in Castlereagh Street – and I had to go in there! What a lovely start to the day! Lots of good looking, hunky firies (as they are known in Oz) – yummy! And I didn’t have my camera so I couldn’t take any photos of them! Sorry.

A short while after I’d picked up the pass, Nick rang me to wish me a lovely day at the zoo, as he had arranged the free pass for me. When I mentioned all the hunky firies he asked if I was sure I had gone into the right fire station. I told him he wouldn’t understand as he’s not female, nor is he gay! Are brothers always like this?

The remainder of this post will be photos and videos to show some of what Armand and I saw today.

There was a very clever elephant – 

And an angry iguana –

And these lovely creatures:


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