Cobbitty, Here I Come

Well, it’s been another lovely day today.

On our way back to Armand’s apartment yesterday, after our visit to Taronga Zoo, the weather was changing. It became much cooler (or freezing cold, if you’re an Aussie!) and the sky filled with dark grey clouds as a prelude to the heavy rain that followed. This morning was also fairly cool and wet so Armand and I settled in front of the TV to watch a couple more episodes of In Treatment. I’m beginning to panic as I’m really enjoying the series but I won’t have time to watch it all. How will I know how it finishes?

Late morning the entryphone sounded. It was our cousin, Marietherese, who had arrived to pick me up and drive me to her home ‘out in the sticks’ at Cobbitty. I had rung her last week to take her up on her offer of visiting her again and staying overnight. She arrived with her granddaughter, Elyce, who was as bright as a button. We had a cup of tea and Armand showed them around the apartment before Marietherese and I took Elyce for lunch at a nearby eaterie then drove to Cobbitty. We chatted comfortably in the car, learning more about each other. When we arrived at her home her mother, Zia Ovidia, came to greet me in the lovely welcoming manner that she has shown to both Maria and me. She is the widow of Zio Cino, who died some years ago.

Soon after we sat down for coffee Elyce handed me a parcel with a card. The parcel contained a photo frame specifically for a family picture and the attached card had a kind and thoughtful message for me from Marietherese and her immediate family. Every family member I have met during this trip has welcomed me with open arms. I am still my mother’s daughter but now I am also a part of this extended family, as well.

This afternoon, Zia Ovidia was relating an incident which included someone addressing her by her married name which, of course, is the same surname as my father’s. It was such a surprise hearing that surname being used by a woman other than me or Maria. Every day little incidents such as this reinforce that all of this is really happening to me.


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