I Wonder What It Is Like To Live In A Field?

On Thursday evening Marietherese cooked dinner for all of us and I met another two relations. Has anyone been keeping count of how many I have met so far?

After dinner some of us went to see Armand’s brother, Richard, and his wife and family. There was also a lovely dog and a delicious cake – result!

I asked Richard if it would be possible to have a look around their home. It is a stunning house… and very spacious. In fact, it was so large all I could think was that it must be like living in a field!

This morning, Zia Ovidia, Marietherese and I sat around the dining table whilst they told me more about the family and, in particular, my Zio Cino. Later we visited his grave, which I found surprisingly affecting. Not so many weeks ago I hadn’t even heard of Zio Cino and yet, here I was, standing by his grave with tears in my eyes. I had suddenly glimpsed what I’d missed because of my father not being around when I was growing up. And, more than that, it struck me as deeply sad that none of us tends my father’s grave.

We left Zio Cino’s grave and, after taking Zia Ovidia to a club, Marietherese and I went to see the graves of our Nonna, Zio Alberto and Zio Rowland.

This may seem a strange way to spend time, but I was pleased that Marietherese offered me the chance as it helped me to feel more connected to my Nonna and other members of the family.


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