Hmm. It Was There One Minute And Gone The Next.

No – I’m not talking about the ‘time’, I’m talking about a blog post that I drafted and thought I had saved. I had planned when I was going to publish it but… it disappeared! So, apologies for the gap in posting, but it’s Mr. Ether’s fault – as in “it’s somewhere in the ether”! (That one’s just for you, Armand, as I know you’re waiting for me to blame someone. Hee hee hee!)

On Saturday morning I had planned to do my packing but as the time drew closer I felt that I wanted to go out for a little while so, Armand and I went out for breakfast and a last drive around. He took me to the suburb of Sydney called Balmain. It is currently one of the places to live but when Zio Mimi arrived in Sydney that was not the case. Armand showed me the actual street and house where Zio Mimi was living when Zia Ida, her husband and Armand arrived by ship in Sydney. He and his wife were on the balcony of their home and saw the early arrival of the ship that the family were on. They rushed down to the ferry stop near their home and hopped on the ferry, then managed to cajole the captain into dropping the pair of them off at Darling Harbour (it may have been Pyrmont, but I’m not sure) so that they could meet the family off the ship! Zio Mimi had recounted the story when he, Zia Ida, Armand and I had walked around Pyrmont but it was too early in my stay and I knew too little about the family, and Sydney, to really take it in. 

After seeing Balmain, Armand and I returned to the apartment where I completed most of my packing. Although I couldn’t move my case it was under the airline’s weight limit – phew!

In the evening we met other members of the family for a Chinese meal at Wests Leagues Club in Ashfield. At long last I had a chance to chat with my cousin Walter plus I met his partner Donna) his sister (Sonia) and her husband (Don). They are Zio Mimi’s two children. He was also there, along with Zia Ida, my cousins Romolo and Loredana, and their mother (Zia Sarah) who is Zio Alberto’s widow. That meant that the only members of the family I haven’t met are Zio Mimi’s grandchildren. I don’t think that’s bad going when you consider the size of the family!

At the end of the evening, Zio Mimi gave me a bag which contained a gift of a book about the history of Sydney. He had also asked Ingrid to find me a present earlier in my stay and she and I had agreed on a 24″ x 6.5″ ruler – which arrived home safely with me yesterday! Two wonderful gifts – one, a reminder of the city where I met so many relations, the other to remind me of Zio Mimi and the beautiful twinkle in his eye, every time I use it.


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