All Fabric-ed Up And Nothing To Sew

Whilst I was in Australia I did little crafting of any kind – just some hand embroidery, a bit of braiding and showing my cousin, Ingrid, how to make pillowcase dresses for Dress A Girl Around The World. Oh, and, of course, just the teensiest bit of fabric shopping! Well, now I’m home and raring to sew…  but I can’t decide what to make! I am totally lacking inspiration and it is very frustrating.

On Thursday I thought about starting on a quilt top for Siblings Together and dug out some fabric that I had bought at a small quilt show shortly before My Trip. The group staging the show were selling the fabric stash of a deceased member. I bought a good bagful, including many squares that the lady had cut. There are enough 4″ squares to make a single size quilt top so that was what I chose to do.

I counted how many squares I had of each colour/design and drafted a random pattern. I wasn’t sure how well it would work as there were such huge differences in quantities between each colour. Anyway, I began stitching and put together three strips which I then laid on the floor to gauge how they looked. Oh dear, they looked terrible! I really didn’t like what I saw – so I unpicked them.

Back to the drawing board, but… where to begin trying to come up with a design that would work? I had no idea. I tried looking online for inspiration but none shouted at me, so I thought I would put that project aside for the moment and look for another project.

My next idea was to make some bags similar to those championed by Making For Charity. However, I didn’t know whether our local hospital, hospice or Macmillan nurses would want or use them and, being a Saturday, I thought it best to wait until Monday to try telephoning them to ask. Then, I simply ran out of inspiration.

So, now, I am all fabric-ed up with nothing to sew!


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