A Good Idea In So Many Ways

Those of you who have read my blog regularly will probably have guessed that I like making items for charity. I don’t like crafting and making things just for the sake if it, I like to have a purpose. If that purpose helps others, so much the better, if it costs little, or nothing, that’s a bonus and, if it involves recycling or upcycling then, woohoo, I’ve hit the jackpot! Well, today’s idea pretty much ticks all of those boxes! (Sorry, Peter, but that seemed the most appropriate phrase.)

What can you do with all those scrappy bits and pieces of yarn that are left after you have knitted something? You know, those tiny balls of yarn that seem too good to throw away even though there’s not enough to make anything? Or, the lengths that are left when you have finished sewing up? Well, now you can use them – you can make a wearable object! Don’t believe me? Read on…

First of all, it doesn’t really matter what ply yarn you have as this project is very forgiving.

Whenever you find you have odds and ends of yarn that you don’t think can be used for anything, chop them up into 4″ to 6″ (10cm to 15cm) lengths.

Then, knot the pieces together leaving a tail on each end of roughly one inch (2.5cm). Mix and match colours in any way that you wish and don’t worry about knotting a piece of 4-ply onto a piece of aran – it really doesn’t matter.

Wind the knotted length into a ball.

You may begin to feel a little concerned at this point, but there is no need. OK, the balls look scruffy and unappealing but just wait and see! When you have a fair sized ball you are well on the road to success.

You are going to use the ball of scraps to make… a hat!

Take any basic beanie pattern, a small amount of ordinary yarn – I usually use double knitting – and a pair of 4mm or 4.5mm knitting needles. You may use a circular needle in either of those sizes, if you prefer. Using your preferred casting on method [I like to use long-tail cast on] cast on stitches as per the pattern.

Knit about an inch [2.5cm] of rib in the ordinary yarn. Change to the knotted yarn and work in garter stitch or stocking stitch as per the pattern to complete the hat. Apologies for not supplying an actual pattern but I never use one – I always guess! As the hat is going to a charity it doesn’t matter what size it is as there will always be someone that it fits. See? I told you it was forgiving!

When you have sewn up the hat, make sure all ends are hanging on the outside of the hat. Your finished hat should look something like one of these on the outside:

And like these on the inside:

And there you have it! A unique shaggy hat that is warm and cosy to wear, cuts down on waste, costs virtually nothing to make and helps someone less fortunate than yourself.

Happy knotting and knitting!


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