A Plea For Help, Please

In January 2005, Peter and I had a wonderful holiday. We both enjoy visiting ancient sites and learning about the history of the area and/or region. Tasting the local cuisine is an interesting experience. I don’t always enjoy the food but I do enjoy the experience and the baked items that they produce were so delicious. Our tour guide was immensely knowledgeable and truly brought history to life. We were standing amongst some ruins as he talked and I almost expected the people he was talking about to walk around the corner. I became very ill during that holiday (no, not food poisoning) and could not have been better or more solicitously treated than I was by the doctor, the hotel staff and our coach driver. In fact, the driver insisted on making a bed for me at the back of the coach and wouldn’t let me down from the coach without checking that I had my coat! When we flew back to the UK, the cabin crew on the national airline were kind and considerate,  even asking a passenger to move so that I might have space to lie down on a bank of seats during the flight. Everyone from that country whom I came into contact with was happy, pleasant and keen to help.

That holiday was in Syria.

I have been deeply saddened by events in Syria over the past months and was distressed to hear, this week, of the number of refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries.

Although it is summer at the moment, it won’t be long before winter makes itself felt. All of those refugees will need warmth to help them survive the winter. An organisation called Lily (Love in the Language of Yarn) is asking people to help to provide blankets by knitting three 8″ squares and posting them to Turkey or Jordan. Volunteers in those countries will stitch the squares into blankets.

Please read the post on the Lily blog which has all the relevant information. Please do this small thing to help make a big difference.

Address – 

‘LILY’ C/O Dianne Jones

                   Türkmen Mahlesi

                    Ünlü sokak No 10 D4




‘LILY’ C/O  A Mencke
P.O. Box  2842
Jordan, 11941


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