I Thought Practice Was Supposed To Make Perfect?

Yesterday I spent quite some time practising some free motion embroidery. I have recently seen examples done by other people and, as usual, I assumed it would be easy to do. You’d think I would have learned my lesson by now! I have always been useless at drawing – it’s as though my brain and my hand are allergic to each other, you know, totally disconnected. Anyway, I decided to give it a go. Here are some of my results:

I’m fairly pleased with some of them but others definitely need more practice – they are certainly not perfect! Even so, I enjoyed trying out different ideas.

I had an idea of making small fabric dishes to use these practice pieces but, having made one I have decided that the idea is not very good.

Prototype fabric dish

I then decided to use some of the pieces on some tote bags. Here is the first of the tote bags.


2 thoughts on “I Thought Practice Was Supposed To Make Perfect?

  1. I think they look great, and definitely work well on the bags. I've been meaning to try free motion embroidery for ages but still haven't gotten around to it yet. PErhaps once the book is written I'll have a bit more time for sewing again and can attempt it.


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