There Must Be A Catch – It Was Too Easy

You will have seen from almost any of my previous posts about sewing that I have a naughty habit of trying to do things too quickly. (I was going to say that I “cut corners” but, although it was an accidental pun, it was just too dire for me to contemplate using!) Yep! I’m a “near enough is good enough” girl. Well, today that didn’t seem to matter, I was successful despite that. Woohoo! Vindicated, at last! OK, perhaps not!

I have been making bags over the last few days. To begin with, I was making tote bags using some of my practice pieces from when I played at doing freehand machine embroidery. However, a couple of days ago I saw a blog post showing what looked like a straightforward hand/shoulder bag made from calico. Initially, I deleted the email where I had seen the link: a daily newsletter from Craftgossip, but today I decided to have another look. The item on Craftgossip linked to a tutorial on Jojoandeloise and it is such an easy-looking set of instructions that I thought I would have a go at making it.

I have some furnishing fabric that I bought in Rawtenstall some time ago. It has a coating on the reverse but is still easy to handle so I thought it would be suitable for the outer. I had also bought some fabric that complemented the outer fabric on the same day and decided to use that for the lining.

I followed the tutorial on Jojoandeloise for the design of the bag but I did a few shortcuts by using topstitching thereby avoiding having to fiddle around turning things inside out. Despite that, I am pleased with my end result and am hoping to make a few more over this weekend. I would like to make several, if I can, as I hope to take them to our local Women’s  Refuge next week.


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