This Week I Have Been Mainly Making Bags

Do you remember The Fast Show? It was a comedy sketch show on TV about 15 years ago. My family and I used to really enjoy it and would be laughing out loud all the way through. There was one character who used to emerge from a wooden outside toilet and say “This week I have been mainly eating…” And he would then name one different foodstuff each time he was shown. I wasn’t particularly keen on the implication of e sketch, but I did like the phrase. Hence the title of today’s post.

In my last post I showed a simple bag I had made. I have since put a closure on that bag, made another to the same design but in a different fabric, and made a straightforward shoulder bag.

All of these bags will be going to the local Women’s Refuge when I deliver some items that have been given to me for them. My thinking is that if a woman arrives at the Refuge with little or no possessions, she is likely to need a handbag. These may not be the best bags in the world, but at least they are new, so I hope they will be of use. I also hope that it will help them, in some small way, knowing that someone cared enough to make a bag for them.

Now, it’s back to the sewing machine to see what else I can make which may be useful.

Happy sewing, everyone.


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