I’m Having A Tattoo

That’s it! After much deliberation (well, about 10 seconds’ worth), I have decided to have a tattoo done. It will be a very tasteful design, subtle, barely noticeable, discreet and HUGE. It will say “DO NOT be lazy, check first”. Trouble is, I’ll probably ignore it!

And the reason for the tattoo (which, in case you’re wondering, won’t be appearing)? Yet again I tried to make something without planning properly. Without looking at a pattern or tutorial first. I’m obviously a very old dog as I certainly haven’t managed to learn that particular new trick!

I am annoyed with myself because I have made some fabric storage baskets which were nowhere near as easy as they should have been and have not turned out as well as I had hoped. Grump. 😦

The first one I made was the rectangular one with the blue fold-over top. I thought the fabric I was using would be stiff enough for it to hold its shape – it wasn’t!

The one in the lower picture was next. That one does have wadding but the sides don’t stand upright.

The circular one also has wadding but the lining was too large.

I’m definitely not as pleased with these as I was with the handbags.

Oh well, better go and get that tattoo done!


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