Someone Else Has Done All The Hard Work

Isn’t the internet great? If you have any question you can just go online and you’ll probably find an answer within a short time. Hmmm.

Sometimes it takes quite a long time to find what it is you’re looking for. You have to trawl through a heap of dross to find good information and by the time you find it you’ve almost forgotten why you were looking in the first place. That can be very frustrating, particularly if you want to get on with a sewing or craft project.

Well, now help is at hand. Fiona from The Sewing Directory has put together a collection of useful sewing links. There are about 100 links covering: sewing with different fabrics, sewing machines, sewing machine feet and sewing patterns.

I have looked at several of the linked pages in each section and am impressed with the depth of knowledge shared. I am not saying that these will be the best links you could find, but they are certainly a good place to start.

A couple of the links take you to pages where the article has been quite short but, generally, the pages that Fiona has found are very good. Certainly this is a useful resource  for anyone with a question about sewing. It may not list the specific topic but it links to the sort of pages that are likely to help you.

Find the list of links here.

p.s. My sewing has continued with another fabric basket (sorry for the poor photograph – I really shouldn’t rush things!


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