I’m Not The Only One Making Bags

As you know, I’ve made quite a few bags during the past week. Today I got more people making bags. The sewing group that I began has had a break for various reasons but last week Jacqui and I were talking and decided it was time to revitalise it. So, today we had a meeting in our new venue – Coronation Road Library in Radcliffe. The library is closed on Thursdays so we are able to spread out around the building.

We started the morning with a cup of coffee and a look at the group’s stash and then began working on making bags. The bag we are making will be familiar to some of you as it is the same design that I made at the sewing show in Adelaide recently.

I particularly like the design as it is based on origami. I have a couple of other bag designs that are made in a similar way, one of which I have made several times whereas I haven’t actually made one in the second design – another one for my To Do List!

I haven’t forgotten that I said I would do a tutorial – I will prepare it shortly. In the meantime, here’s the same photo again so that you may enjoy looking at it while you wait!


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