Way Out Of My Comfort Zone

Today I was pushed way out of my comfort zone. I certainly wouldn’t want a day like this too often. I have faced many challenging things in the past twelve months and here was another one. It was over by lunchtime, thank goodness.

I drove into Bury to pick up something that I had found on the internet. I seldom go to Bury, even though it’s less than a handful of miles away, and I usually end up taking a wrong turning or completely forgetting how to get where I’m going. This morning I was quite pleased with myself as I easily managed to find my way. I parked the car near to the shop I was going to. I was only likely to be in there for five or ten minutes and was appalled to discover that the parking fee was going to be £2.00! Between 20-40p per minute! Unbelievable! There was a chap at the pay machine: he and I began chatting. He was complaining about the confusing signage. I said I didn’t feel inclined to pay the exorbitant parking fee and thought I would risk dashing in to the shop. Which I did.

As soon as I entered the shop an assistant came to help me. He quickly dealt with my query then asked if he could help with anything else. I half-jokingly asked him to keep an eye on my car, parked immediately opposite the shop entrance, to ensure I wasn’t issued with a parking ticket. He told me I could get a free ticket for the first hour’s parking. I told him that I hadn’t been able to find how so we went out of the shop to get one. Eeek! There was a parking warden walking around my car checking for a ticket! Yikes!

Very luckily, after explaining my predicament and the shop assistant backing me up, the parking warden allowed me to move to the correct area and did not issue a penalty notice. Phew!

But that wasn’t the worst part of the day: that was yet to come…

I re-entered the shop to face my demons. I took myself in hand, girded my loins and did whatever else was necessary to get me through this terrifying ordeal, including carrying a cross and garlic. Then I paid for my purchase – a machine to be used in connection with housework. Arghhhhhhhhh.


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