One Way To Stay (sort of) Sane

My Little Sis is coming here this evening and will be staying for a few days. Don’t get confused – she’s not my little sis(ter), she’s my Little Sis. In fact, she’s the reason why Donata is my ‘mini’ sister, rather than my ‘little’ sister. My best friend, Janet, is my Little Sis and I’m her Big Sis – and she’s hundreds of years older than me. The nicknames came about because of an incident that occurred when we went to a craft show at Shepton Mallett in about 1996.

So, anyway, my Little Sis is coming to stay so this week I have been doing housework – and I don’t like it! (Can you hear me stamping my feet as I say that?) When I first moved in with Peter I offered to pay for “a woman wot does” to come and “do”, but he did not want one. I said that was OK as long as he did the cleaning, as I had stopped doing it when I employed my cleaner in Somerset.

Generally the system works well but occasionally there is a glitch. And this week has been one of those occasions. That has meant that I have needed something to keep me sane. I didn’t want to get my sewing machine out and knitting wasn’t doing it for me so I have been doing some hand stitching.

I posted this picture of my first biscornu pin cushion earlier this week. I was quite pleased with how it turned out so I decided to make another.

This one is larger than the previous one. Again, I used some of the prepared squares that I bought when Elizabeth and I went to a quilt show a while ago. However, these are four inch squares, rather than two inches.

I shall be putting both of the pin cushions into a sale that the craft group and sewing group will be holding. We are aiming to buy a cutting machine which can be used on fabric, as well as paper and card.

If you have experience of using any of the cutting machines, for example this one:


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