Lots of Little Bits

Since I returned from Australia I have been desperately trying to reduce my stashes by using some for various projects. 

I tried out freehand machine embroidery on some precut squares that I bought from someone else’s stash, then used those to embellish some tote bags that I made for the Refuge using some of my fabric. I also made some handbags for them using  two different fabrics from my stash, together with another of my pieces for the linings. After that I made some fabric storage bins from two other stash fabrics and three smaller stash pieces, also for the Refuge. Whilst doing all of that I finished knitting one shaggy hat and made another shaggy hat from my scrappy yarn, to go to Priatelli, and crocheted some squares for charity blankets that the Monday knitting group are making.

So, you can see that I have been beavering away. Not only that, but everything apart from the squares, has been handed over to the relevant people.

All of the above may make you think that my stashes are reducing nicely. Huh! No such luck! Apart from a couple of the lining fabrics, none of the fabrics that I used for the bags and storage bins was completely used up. There is still a large amount of each of the fabrics remaining so the stash doesn’t even look any smaller! Plus, my Little Sis (who is supposed to be my friend!!!) brought me a sizeable bag full of tapestry wool.

I have managed to find a home for the complete skeins: they will be going to Lilian who knits tiny snowmen and other ‘people’ for charity. However, that leaves me with a large, chaotic bundle of bits and pieces of tapestry wool. Well, you know me, I can’t bear to waste anything. So, I am now to be seen chopping and knotting lengths of it in readiness for knitting yet another shaggy hat.

Sometimes my stashes act as though they are trying to be craft versions of the Never-Ending Porridge Pot!


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