A Good Article

Some of you will be aware that I suffer from Anxiety. I don’t mean anxiety, with a small ‘a’, but Anxiety with a large, uppercase ‘A’. I should imagine that everybody gets anxious occasionally, but to be Anxious is something completely different.

Anxiety is a horrid, debilitating condition. It is misunderstood by many, disregarded or ignored by too many. Anxiety saps self-confidence. Then there’s the fear of Anxiety. This is one of the things that I suffer from. There are certain situations that I know are likely to trigger strong feelings of Anxiety in me so, in effect, I become Anxious about becoming Anxious – how’s that for an antidote for a peaceful mind?

Before my recent trip to Australia to meet lots of new members of my family, my GP and I had a long discussion about how I was likely to be affected by it. We planned strategies to help me cope. It was a sensible thing to do but, my goodness, it makes me feel like a pathetic specimen of the human race that I have to incorporate plans for what to do about the Anxiety. I have pretty much accepted that my ability to cope is severely depleted, but I really have to fight to keep any vestige if self respect intact.

This article about Anxiety is a good place to start if you want to find out more.


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