Bookmaking You Wouldn’t Bet On!

One of the lovely things about staying with Little Sis is that we both enjoy trying out different types of crafty doings.

Little Sis is very keen on Calligraphy which has led her into an interest in bookmaking, or making books, otherwise known as bookbinding. It was she who showed me how to make this book last year.

Whilst I was staying with Little Sis we visited several of the artists taking part in Devon Open Studios. One of the artists we met in Chudleigh showed us a couple of folded books she had been making and it reignited my interest in the craft. I fancied having another go at bookbinding and, as I was left to my own devices on Tuesday, I had a bit of a play. These are the two books I used as reference guides:

I began by making several folded books. These are made using one sheet of paper which you fold into a particular number of squares – it could be 12, 16, or perhaps 18 – then one ir more cuts are made in the sheet. When the sheet is refolded, the cuts allow the pages to be formed. The style of the book is determined by the number of squares the sheet is folded into and the positions of the cuts.

As I was just having a play, I used pages from a holiday brochure, rather than new paper. I labelled the front of each sample and wrote the page number in the book and the numbers of the diagrams which showed the folding and cutting lines.

I made five different styles of folded book, each using one sheet from the holiday brochure. There were three different overall sizes. Obviously the uses for books like these can be quite limited but they can certainly add an extra special touch to a project. In fact, I think they could be stunning made in fabric and embellished with threads and beads. The possibilities are endless. It gives a whole new meaning to bookmaking!


2 thoughts on “Bookmaking You Wouldn’t Bet On!

  1. Sorry about the lack of pictures. As the books were roughly made using pages from a magazine there isn't really much to see. I made them for reference against notes I made. Maybe I'll do another post when I make some more books.


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