Today Jess is 21

Today, September 23, Jess is 21.

So what? Who on earth is Jess? Why does it matter? Does it matter?

Well, actually, yes it does matter.

Jess is Dixie’s and Adeline’s daughter. Dixie (it may be spelt ‘Dixy’, I don’t know), is my cousin, Richard. Richard is Armand’s younger brother and Zia Ida’s son which makes Jess Zia Ida’s granddaughter. It also makes her my second cousin. And, of course, I didn’t even know she, or any of them, existed until my recent trip to Australia. 

Last night, when I saw on Facebook that it was Jess’s birthday I immediately sent birthday greetings to her. However, when I looked on Facebook this morning, I saw that it isn’t just any old birthday, it’s her 21st. I was surprised at how much it affected me to know that. I am part of her extended family: she is a part of mine. It’s a big deal. And I’m thrilled about it. So…

Have a really wonderful 21st birthday, Jess, as you step over the threshold into adulthood. If the loving and supportive family all around you is anything to go by, I think you’ll do OK!


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