A Bumper Harvest!

September is harvest time in the UK. The rural idyll in Kent (where I am currently), fields of golden wheat swaying gently in the breeze; bright, shiny apples on the trees; homemade plum jam sitting on the shelf. And today was my turn to reap a bumper harvest, without a combine harvester in sight.

These are my harvesting tools. Confused? Well, this is the precious result of my of toil:

Probably not what you were expecting. Garment labels and hanging ribbons from clothing. Exciting stuff – well, for me, anyway.

A couple of years or so ago, I read an interesting item online by an American woman (I’m afraid I have not been able to rediscover her – I cannot remember her name or blog) who commented that often the best quality part of a garment is the label. I checked and she’s right. She went on to show how she had used them, rather than throwing them away. I was so taken with the idea that I had a go. This is what I came up with:

It’s a wallet that I designed to hold credit card receipts, loyalty vouchers and money-off coupons. I don’t like having all those pieces of paper cluttering up my purse.

Since making the wallet I have been planning more projects using garment labels. Of course, more projects mean that more labels are needed so, whenever I come to visit my mother, I try to raid her wardrobes for labels! Today I didn’t have to sneak around and steal them as we had turfed out two bagfuls of clothing for the charity shop. Oooh! All those lovely labels!


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