With A Little Help From My Friend

A few weeks ago a message flashed up on my computer from our broadband provider advising me that our router was not giving us the best connection. It went on to say that we could choose to receive an upgraded router if we wished. I did wish, so I clicked the relevant buttons to arrange for it to magically appear – which it did. Then, I didn’t get around to setting it up, but… now I have. And I was left with a very useful-looking box, sort of Fat Quarter size. Oh dear! Whatever could I use it for? Perhaps for storing some Fat Quarters? OK. If I must. However, I didn’t particularly want a box adorned with boring advertising for the broadband company.

That is where my friend, Shirley, comes in. She and I attended a short patchwork course early last year and she went on to make a beautiful patchwork quilt for her bedroom. She kindly gave me a bag of scraps that were left when she had finished.

I have used those scraps for several projects. First, there was the protective case for my hands-free magnifying glass:

Hands-free magnifier case

Next came a small pouch/bag to contain the accessories from my embellishing machine, which I actually made using the embellisher:

Pouch for embellisher accessories

Next came a bit of a failure when trying to cover a small bowl – the reverse of the fabric looked how I had hoped the top side would look, and the top side looked dreadful!

Then, out came the scraps again to cover the box. This time I used diluted PVA to stick the fabric pieces to the box. The result is not ideal as several of the fabric pieces have wrinkled and look untidy, but I am happy enough with it to keep it, virtually hidden, under the desk in my craft room, packed with Fat Quarters and Fat Eighths.

So, as today’s title suggests, all of these projects were possible because I had a little help from my friend!

** If you are wondering whether the final post about my dyeing weekend is, I hope to put it together tomorrow.**


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