Painterly Patches Course – Week 4

Transferring designs onto fabric

Yesterday was the fourth session of the Painterly Patches course being run at the UCAN Centre in Farnworth. The course participants are a friendly bunch and include a male in their number! I had not seen him before as he has been on holiday.

In the foreground Tracy is
transferring her design. She is
a talented artist.
Planning which colours to use next
on this butterfly design

During yesterday’s session I completed the application of the fabric colours to each of my three patches, then pressed each patch with a hot iron, to fix the dyes. Whilst pressing the patches I was using plain white A4 paper to protect the plate of the iron. It was difficult to work out how long to press for or the best time to remove the iron. The effects of the fabric crayons and fabric pens were difficult to gauge whilst pressing, especially with the paper to protect the iron – it means that you are, effectively, working blind. I decided to play safe and press for quite some time. A little of the colour transferred to the paper I used for pressing – I put the sheets in my work wallet in case I decide to use them for another project.

After pressing I noticed that the turquoise fabric pen had bled very slightly but I don’t think that particularly matters. The heat seemed to make the colours brighter and bolder which suits me as I like strong colour.

Threading the needle is sometimes the
most difficult part!

The next stage was making the quilt sandwich. The plan is to quilt as we go whilst embellishing our designs with stitching. I forgot to ask Shenna, but I think the wadding we are using is 2oz. Our backing fabric is another piece of a recycled cotton sheet. Once we have quilted the blocks they will be backed with a whole piece of another fabric.

The two Dianes busy stitching
 together their sandwiches

** I realise that you cannot see people’s faces, but I promised not to show anyone’s face so that they would feel comfortable about me taking photographs.

If you would like to see what else they do at the UCAN Centre, please take a look at their blog by clicking here .


2 thoughts on “Painterly Patches Course – Week 4

  1. That looks like a great course. I hate being in photos so I completely understand your fellow students but it would be nice to see some closer pictures of the blocks as you all go on 🙂


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