Painterly Patches – Week 5

Today I went to the UCAN Centre in Farnworth for week 5 of the WEA Painterly Patches course. I am enjoying the course immensely: there is a friendly atmosphere and I am finding it easy to come up with ideas for my work. Usually I struggle with thinking of something to create but I am not having that problem on this course. I believe that our tutor, Shenna Swan, provides us with sufficient resources and stimulation to enable ideas to flow. Thank you, Shenna.

Over the past week, I have been thinking about the blocks I have been working on. As there were three blocks, there was little I could do with them, apart from making three individual pictures or stitching a table runner. Neither of these ideas held much appeal for me. However, last night I experienced a “light bulb” moment and knew how I wanted to progress my project and take it forward. (I have deliberately used that wording to irritate Peter and Little Sis! Hee hee hee.)

My fourth block

My fourth block would include a fork of lightning, representing my father. There would be a red heart (me), rent in two by the lightning, and the ground, with a rift going through it, also caused by the lightning. There would be stitches, bathed in sunlight, repairing the heart. So, when I arrived at the class this morning, I was raring to go. I first drew the design on paper, to go in my portfolio, then transferred it to the fabric.

I couldn’t believe how well this block progressed. The muse had certainly hit me! I was working like a woman possessed. I don’t think I have ever been so inspired or so ‘high’ on creativity. Although my artistic abilities are severely limited, I thoroughly enjoyed creating this picture and am delighted with how this stage turned out. It is a very strong picture, but it’s my picture: it’s part of my story.

The following pictures show how the work of other students is progressing.
Some people are stitching whilst others
finish marking their fabric

Many different designs are being

Colin has decided to use flags
for his design

Designs range from geometric
to representational…

To repetitive.

Diane quietly stitching

Erica’s striking bird and
fish design

Before beginning the actual stitched embellishment of any of my blocks, I set them out on the table to decide which layout I preferred. This is my favourite layout, at the moment:


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