My Latest Make

A couple of weeks ago we had a new member join us at our Thursday morning sewing group. Her name is Janet and I got to know her through the Shortcuts to Sewing forum.

At the first meeting Janet attended, I offered to show her how to make an origami folded fabric pouch. Other members of the group enjoyed making these pouches and regularly use theirs. In fact, Jacqui had brought one with her to the group and was able to show Janet exactly what it looked like.

I first saw this design of pouch at a craft session on a cruise. Mary, the tutor of the session, very kindly showed me how to fold and make the pouch and I enjoy passing on that knowledge to others. Having said that, I have not done a written tutorial to put on here as I have been busy creating another tutorial – watch this space!

Janet began a pouch during her first morning’s session and took it home to finish it. The following week she brought a completed pouch for us all to see. 

Janet’s completed pouch

I like the way Janet matched the small buttons for securing both flaps.

Below is a picture of the pouch I began making to demonstrate the process to Janet. At last I have managed to finish it – after completing a top secret project (more news on that project very soon!).

My sunny pouch on an autumnal day


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