Free Motion Magic

I am not much good at doing free motion embroidery. Admittedly I have not done a lot of it but the little I have done has not turned out well.

I wanted to do some free motion embroidery on one of the panels that I am making on my Painterly Patches course so decided to have a go today. It had to be successful, there was no choice. I had virtually completed all the hand stitching on the panel and wasn’t prepared to start again. Then, I remembered – my magic free motion friend!

I am a sucker for giveaways on the internet. I just love ’em. And, occasionally, I am successful! Some time ago, probably about a year, I should think, I won a giveaway in the US. The prize consisted of a DVD about quilting, a Quilt Halo and the Supreme Slider (shown above). When it was delivered I had to pay almost £17.00 in tax and postal fees, but I knew the monetary value of the prize was well in excess of that amount. Today the Supreme Slider proved that it was well worth the money.

The Supreme Slider is a Teflon sheet that is placed on the needle bed of your sewing machine when doing free motion embroidery. It helps the fabric to move when you are stitching. The reverse of the sheet clings to the needle bed without any mess or fuss and can be easily removed when you have finished with it. There is a hole in the sheet for the needle to go through when stitching. (It is in the centre of the sheet which is a bit of a nuisance, but that is just a little niggle.) And the slider works like a dream!

I found it so much easier doing the freehand embroidery today. It is definitely my personal bit of free motion magic.

The Supreme Slider is not cheap – generally around £30 in UK online stores, but, in my opinion, it is well worth the money if you need to be able to control your freehand embroidery.

Here are a couple of links to online shops that I have found that sell the Supreme Slider:


2 thoughts on “Free Motion Magic

  1. The colour really blends in well on your 'Free Motion Magic', You can see it has been well thought out to make it all blend in and give the desired effect of a blast of sunshine effect. Well done. You may find it better to change the backing fabric next time though as the fabric there is a bit too loose and that is why it is giving the puckering effect? Try it out on a piece of calico, the effect will be quite stunning I think.


  2. Thank you for your compliment about the colours. Yes, it is unfortunate that the fabric puckered so your tip is very welcome. It is a good job that for this project I don't mind the end result!


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