Swap Day Is Coming Up Fast

Next week is when swap members have to post the Artist’s Trading Cards (ATCs) they have been working on for the latest Very Berry Handmade ATC Swap.

The theme for the current swap is “Autumn” – perhaps not the most original theme, but I think that might actually stimulate some interesting ideas. Amazingly, the idea for the design of my ATC came to me very early on in the swap. These are the materials I amassed to be able to work on the idea.

Tantalising bits and pieces for my ATC

I tried to choose a broad range of colours for the project. I am aware that my work tends to use very simple colour choices so I am making a conscious effort to be more experimental and adventurous with colour. I am fairly pleased with the colours I ended up with.

I began by cutting out leaf shapes for my design. At that point I posted both the above picture and this next picture onto the swap group Flickr group.
Beginning to cut out the leaves
Once I had posted those two pictures, I turned my attention to other things, apart from 
the swap. Over this past weekend I have worked well on several WIPs so allowed myself some time to work on the ATC.
Ready for the needle-felting

Actually, there IS smoke without fire!

Ready for the flames to be applied

The design is an autumn bonfire of leaves – the last blaze of summer.

The leaves have been stuck onto the fabric backing using a fabric bonding powder. I then needle-felted tiny amounts of several colours of merino wool tops to create a smoky effect. The colours I used were: a soft pale grey, a charcoal grey, a muddy beige and a mid-brown the next stage was to add the ‘flames’. 

I made these using slashes of sheer fabrics in yellow, mauve, burgundy, pink shades. I attached the flames by hand-stitching. That stitching also highlighted the flames.

Leaves, smoke and flames


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