Trying to Make Some Space

My craft room is in our second bedroom so, as well as my craft stuff, it contains a bed and some built-in wardrobes. The room is very full: fit to burst, actually. Consequently some of my craft stuff has migrated to the boxroom. Oops! Amongst other things, I tend to store items that I have made which are waiting to be passed on to their intended recipients: pillowcase dresses, charity knitting, donations for the women’s refuge etc. This has meant that the boxroom is doing a good impression of the craft room, with mounds of all sorts of paraphernalia everywhere.

I have been trying to clear some space in the boxroom. I decided to make the remainder of the various items that were needed so that I could distribute them. I have been working hard over the last week or so and can reveal that today I have finished making the bundle of syringe driver bags which will be delivered to the Macmillan Cancer Care Nurses for the Bury area. I am just awaiting confirmation that I may deliver them early next week.

Fifteen syringe driver bags

I made these bags following contact with Julie of Making For Charity.

Originally I had intended to make tote bags for use when nurses return a deceased person’s personal effects to the next of kin. Unfortunately the Macmillan Nurses in this area preferred to receive the syringe driver bags. However, my fabric stash doesn’t lend itself to making syringe driver bags, so this may be the only batch that I deliver but I hope they will be well received.

I think I shall attack the mound of items for Syrian refugees next. Watch this space to see how I fare.


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