More Is Less… Well, It Should Be!

I have been doing more work on trying to rationalise the contents of the boxroom, or, more sensibly known as sorting and distributing.

Having completed the quantity of syringe driver bags, I haven’t been able to deliver them yet. I am waiting for confirmation of when I may do so. Anyway, they are conveniently placed for delivery i.e. on the arm of the sofa (Bossymamma blushes furiously!) and I have turned my attention to the pillowcase dresses. The box that I had hoped to post them in was not fit for purpose (I wonder why I keep spouting ‘management speak’ today?), in other words, it was too small so I asked at our local shop if they had a suitable box. I think the new one will be large enough but I may need to do some skilful packing.

During this weekend I have made a couple more dresses to ensure the box will be completely full. When I look at the number of dresses and the size of the box I don’t think emptiness will be an issue!

These are the dresses that I shall be sending to Dress A Girl Around The World

And this is the box they’ll be going in!

Am I being too optimistic, do you think?


4 thoughts on “More Is Less… Well, It Should Be!

  1. HI Dina,

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous dresses which have arrived safely. They are fab! I really appreciate your ongoing support. The dresses will be off to new homes very soon including The Phillipines. Thanks again. Louise x


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