A Bit of A Conundrum

Those of you who have been following my blog will probably have realised that I enjoy making things for charity. I am not as generous as that makes me sound. Let me explain.

I love making things, whether I’m sewing, knitting, crocheting or doing some other type of crafting, but I don’t like just making things to have them lying around at home, cluttering the place. So, making things and then giving them to charity means I can fulfil my need to create but not clutter. An added bonus is that I am able to feel that I am helping others, although in just a small way.

In recent weeks I have mentioned LILY, the organisation in Turkey and Jordan collecting knitted and crocheted eight inch squares which are made into blankets for Syrian refugees. I have been making squares, bootees and scarves to send to LILY and this week, with a little help from Amy and Beryl, I reached the target weight I had decided upon, so it was time to post everything.

Image from Hand in Hand in Syria website

I spent some time on the internet researching the cost of sending the items to Turkey and/or Jordan. It worked out less expensive to send them to Turkey. I have deliberately used the words “less expensive” as “cheap” definitely does not apply.

Image from Hand in Hand in Syria website

I needed to send two packages, each weighing a maximum of 1kg, in order to comply with LILY’s request. The result was that I had to pay £15.70 i.e. £7.85 each, to send the parcels. I had already decided that I was prepared to pay that cost of postage but I had to think about whether I would be happy to do so again. Therein lies the conundrum. I want to help the Syrian refugees but spending so much on postage feels like ‘dead’ money to me.

Image from Hand in Hand in Syria website

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and have come to the conclusion that rather than paying for postage, I should donate an equivalent amount to Hand In Hand For Syria to support their work. In some ways I feel as though I have opted for the easy option, but it doesn’t feel easy. I suppose that’s why it’s such a conundrum.


3 thoughts on “A Bit of A Conundrum

  1. i'm sure whatever way you decide to help it will be very much appreciated. It's heartbreaking to see the problems these people face. Makes you appreciate that we have so much.


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