Progress with Painterly Patches

At the Painterly Patches course on Friday mornings in the UCAN Centre, Farnworth, we have been beavering away on our panels. I am really enjoying seeing how each of the panels is developing and how the confidence of several of the participants is increasing. It has always been a friendly and inclusive group and that feeling continues to grow, as does the support within the group.

You will see from this photograph that Colin is doing stitching of another kind. He has struggled with hand sewing so he and Shenna (our lovely tutor) agreed that his ‘painterly patches’ would be on a pair of knitted socks. Colin was already able to knit and decided to challenge himself to make some socks. It will be interesting to see how well he manages or whether he will be “going home”! Whenever he hit a problem with his sewing he would always say he was “going home” – mind you, we didn’t ever allow him to go home!

Ann is working long stitch on her design. Being on the course has encouraged her to do more sewing and her partner has bought her a lovely cross stitch kit to keep her busy once she finishes her panel.

Tracy’s creative mind is being well used on the mini quilts/wallhangings that she is making for her two daughters, who are both pregnant. She has been really enjoying the course and has been highly motivated.

Some participants were ready to begin the backing and binding of their panels. They worked with Shenna in another room, choosing the fabrics they would use for the next two stages. Diane is looking through the box of fabrics that the Centre had available for our use. (If anyone in the Bolton/Farnworth area has fabric or yarn they would like to donate, please contact the Centre.)

Marjalaine (apologies if the spelling is wrong) is patiently waiting to choose her fabrics. Her panels are bright and arty: quite a different style from those by other participants.

Erica, meanwhile, is thinking about using this design.

Finally, I am still working on my panels. I had decided that I wanted stars on this panel. Unfortunately I am having to use five strands of the fine thread to achieve my desired result. I still have a way to go…

I’d better get stitching!


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