It’s Arrived!

It’s arrived! Today! Proof that Christmas really is ‘just around the corner’. The realisation is sinking in that there is a huge amount to do – and not much time to do it. So, please, give it up (yeuch, isn’t that a horrid expression?) for…

The Day of Lists.

Usually, the Day of Lists turns up without me consciously noticing. However, one of the blogs I have been reading recently, Missouri Mel, has a theme of 26 Days of Shopping Lists, which probably prompted me to notice its arrival.

For me, the Day of Lists appears when my brain cottons on to the fact that I am beginning to feel deluged by all the things I need to think about, remember and do, usually with deadlines looming. It doesn’t have to be Christmas, although it often turns up during the festive season: it can be any time. I have a lot going on at the moment, and it just happens to coincide with the run-up to Christmas, which is a challenging time for me, anyway. Hence my Lists.

My first list comprises things I need to do before travelling to visit my mother on Thursday. It feels like a lot to do, especially as I haven’t put everything on the list yet!

After the trip to my mother, we have a few days at home before travelling to Scotland, so there are jobs to do during that period – shown on the list below marked with * – and more for the period between our return and Christmas itself!

One thing that is missing from both lists is ‘Relax’. I really must add it to the lists as it’s the thing I am most likely to forget to do!

Do you use lists? Are they helpful, or do they make you feel more stressed? I’d love to hear!


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