Recognising What I Am Influenced By

My cousin, Al, has a good eye. I saw evidence of it on many occasions during the time I spent with him in Sydney. He has some beautiful objects in his apartment, including this cushion which shouted a welcome to me as soon as I walked in there for the first time. Oh, and what a welcome! I really like this cushion – the patterns, the colour and the way it is worked.

I gaze in wonder at the beautiful effect achieved by simply stitching row upon row of chain stitch. I am bowled over by the use of colour and bewitched by the overall design.
This detail is from another cushion in his apartment.
The design of this cushion is somewhat different to the one above. I still find it inspiring, but not to the extent of the first.
As you can see, the design on this is more predictable than on the first. I also don’t like the colours on this one as much. However, I do still find it inspiring because of the finished effect, again produced by row upon row of chain stitch.

I had seen this process of multiple rows of chain stitch before, in a wall hanging that Peter bought during one of his trips to South America. The hanging adorns the wall in our downstairs cloakroom as, although I am fascinated by the row upon row of chain stitch, I’m not terribly keen on the look of the whole thing.

Yesterday I remembered this chain stitch effect when I was desperately trying to decide what craft project to take with me on a trip to see my mother. I needed to take something small so that I would have plenty of space in my suitcase to bring back the paraphernalia my mother will doubtless give me!
The cushions and wall hanging are not the only influences on my new project. I really like some Aboriginal art. Usually I prefer the traditional pieces which tell stories from the Dreamtime but, during a visit to the Sydney Art Gallery with Krissy, we saw some stunning modern works which I really liked. It is clear to me that the colours and shapes in those are a great influence on my current works in progress.


3 thoughts on “Recognising What I Am Influenced By

  1. Marjolein has left a new comment on your post “Recognising What I Am Influenced By”:

    Lovely pictures and colours!
    When I first started the Painterly Patches course, I (also) had the idea to make a pattern filled with chain stitches. I had seen (I think it was old) a picture on the internet and, like you, really liked the effect. But then I realised it was a lot of work, and you wouldn't be able to see “the paint” any more. But when I see your pictures now, I realise again that I really love that kind of embroidery.


  2. Oops, I deleted your comment by mistake! I'm really sorry.
    I have started a piece of this type of embroidery. I know it will take a very long time to complete but I'm enjoying seeing how it develops.


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