In The True Spirit Of This Blog…

When I first began writing my blog one of my main reasons for doing so was that I wanted to show other stitchers that other people make mistakes.

I had been reading several sewing blogs for a while but had found myself a little intimidated by the ability of the people writing the blogs. As I have admitted on here previously, I am pretty much a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ girl. I am very impatient and that leads me to rush and to cut corners (sorry for the unintended pun!). I know that I should have learned my lesson by now but I haven’t – and I’m not convinced that I ever will!

A few weeks ago, when I was at my Thursday morning sewing group, I decided to make a Christmas stocking for each of my three grandchildren. Louise of Sew Scrumptious Fabrics had issued a free pattern for a Christmas stocking a little while earlier but, in true Bossymamma style, I did not have it with me and I didn’t want to wait until I was home! Cue me designing my own stocking. (Sorry, Louise, I didn’t use your template in the end.)

Oh! I was so organised! I sketched out some stockings until I had a shape I was happy with. Then I drafted larger sizes until I achieved what I thought was a good size. Next, I cut out a paper template which I used to make a plastic template. (Are you impressed, so far?) Finally, I began to cut my fabric. Oh dear! I had forgotten to add a seam allowance. Pretty stupid, huh?

I ploughed on and stitched the stockings. When all three were assembled I decided that I wanted to line them. (This is like a comedy of errors, isn’t it?) After much thinking and fiddling, I worked out how I was going to attach the linings and set about doing so.

Oh dear! The linings were quite a bit larger than the stockings, even though I had used the same templates. That was because this time I had remembered to add the seam allowances. (I really hope you have realised that this is not a ‘How To’ but most definitely a ‘How NOT To’!)

The final stage was to add the white cuff but I didn’t have any suitable fabric. I decided to use some wadding – this was not the cleverest idea I could have come up with as wadding is a real pain to sew by hand. Yesterday I attached the cuff to each of the stockings so they are sort of ‘finished’ – I just need to attach something to show which stocking belongs to which grandchild.

So here we have three Christmas stockings, each of which has an enormous foot topped by an ultra skinny leg. They’re not very good, are they? The fabric is sweet, though. So, instead of my grandchildren being able to leave them out on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus to fill, Nana will put a few bits and pieces in them just so they they are actually used!

How not to make Christmas stockings.

Feel free to laugh and scoff!


6 thoughts on “In The True Spirit Of This Blog…

  1. Well I love them!!!! You made me laugh out loud, for reals! As a recovering perfectionist, I am like you. Sometimes (ok, more than sometimes) you just have to keep going, or there'll be nothing of it. I think you made perfect comic book stockings! Lowly Worm would be very happy to have these, and so will the kids!


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