A Quick Hanging Christmas Tree Decoration

Here is a tutorial for an easy Christmas tree decoration. I bought the materials for this project at the Abakhan store in Bolton, spending part of the sum given to me by Abakhan to use for tutorials on my blog.


  • Factory-made felt (I used one 9″ square for this project)
  • Complementary thread
  • Complementary beads (optional)
  • Size 10 Bead Embroidery needle
  • Piece of narrow ribbon about 7″ (17.5 cm) long

Using a mug, or similarly sized object, draw four, five or six circles on your felt. I was able to cut five circles from my square of felt. The more circles you use, the more intricate the design on your finished decoration.

Carefully cut out each circle.

Place half of the circles in a neat pile.

Place the ribbon so that a long loop is hanging outside the pile of circles and the ends are lying along the diameter of the circle. Carefully pin the ribbon in place. Place the remaining circles on top of the piles. Pin along the diameter of the circle. Place two more pins at different angles to hold the pile of circles neatly in place.

Using a double thickness of thread and an ordinary needle, stitch all of the circles together along the diameter, taking care to catch the ribbon in your line of stitching.

We will now begin to create the honeycomb effect of the decoration. I do this part by eye but you may prefer to measure, for accuracy.
Pinch together two leaves of the pile of circles and, using 2 or 3 small stitches, catch the edges together about a quarter of the way around the curved edge.

Repeat the previous step at the other end of the curved edge you have been working on.
Pinch the next two leaves together and repeat the previous two steps. Continue around the entire decoration until all leaves are attached to an adjoining leaf in two places.

Pinch together one leaf from an attached pair and one from the next attached pair. Stitch these two leaves together at the “equator” of the curved edge.

Continue around the equator until all pairs are attached to their adjoining pairs at the equator.

Begin attaching beads, if desired, using the bead embroidery needle.
I placed one bead at each junction of the honeycomb.

I also stitched four beads at the base of the decoration.

And there you have one quick, easy and cheap decoration for your own tree, or to give as a gift.


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